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We can divide platform security into 2 divisions. Development & Maintenance. Developing a secure web platform falls in the lap of the developer and architect. And maintaining the security of a website is the responsibility of a system administrator. With our simple command line solution we can quickly compile a complex application in minutes. Cutting down development time by 70%. So you get a custom encrypted security solution with built-in system admin management tool. At a fraction of the price for any platform of this caliber..


Being JavaScript enthusiasts. We have built cutting edge non native ios, windows & android mobile applications. And done a lot of client side work using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. JavaScript is the most versatile language used in a lot of our development. And when it comes to architecture platforms. AngularJS and NodeJS are the two popular Frameworks used by industry leaders, as ourselves.


We specialize in the design, develop and marketing of ultra-Secure websites. And address powerful analytic solutions for web properties of all shapes and sizes. Understanding the many demands clients face when Marketing powerful SEO web platforms comes from experience. Our salesforce team works to seamlessly connect sales, marketing and advertising data all in one place. Giving you optimized results every time.

Pay As You Go~ 

Pay As You Go Websites are the latest service we offer to new and existing customers. The mock-up of a custom, website design and development can be pricey. But with our Pay As You Go program you get the best of both worlds. The website you have always wanted, at an affordable monthly payment. This offer includes secure hosting with DigitalOcean. Unlimited bandwidth, 20 gb storage. Multiple Applications & Platforms to choose from. 2 Months free cloud hosting .


Adding CodeMirror functionality to the Plugin and Theme file editors, as well as the Customizer… A smoother experience for managing plugins and themes. Adding CodeMirror functionality to the Plugin and Theme file editors, as well as the Customizer… Choose languages for displaying WordPress in, in order of preference. A simpler way to blog and write grammar with WordPress.


 Pro Web Design provides high quality and cost effective solutions for your business needs. We are specialised company. We don’t just design! We build systems from scratch. No matter how big or small project you may have, just drop us your requirement and we would generate a project proposal.  All our web design, web development and web projects come with 1 Year Free Technical Support. No matter how big or small the problem is, we will fix it FREE of charge. We trust our work and our contracts does not have any hidden cost! We also include Remote Desktop Support to allow us to monitor what the problem is and provide hands on solutions within 24hrs 

Revoke Server Root Access

Christopher Brown

"Christopher's analytical technical support adepts at resolving complex network issues. He's a critical thinker who addresses customer support issues quickly and who consistently exceeds performance standards. Level-headed and calm in stressful situations with well-developed people skills ”

Lora Spielberg

"Lora is s Technical Support Specialist that has provided years of expert advice using Remote Desktop, laptop, and mobile support issues around the clock. She is someone who has strong customer service background and extensive hardware and software knowledge. She has the experience and drive needed to maintain a high volume of repair calls in a fast-paced enviornment ”

Jessie Olive

"Jessie is passionate, value driven product manager with experience leading cross-functional teams to plan, build, launch and manage world-class SaaS innovations. Blended technology skills with extensive prioritize that can manage multiple projects within specifications and budget restrictions.


Pam Lipton

"Pam provides advanced level computer web design and development technical support in all departments, associated offices and external customers. Diagnoses and resolves complex technical problems using available tools such as the help desk knowledge base and remote desktop services. Provides primary technical support for network security access, directory rights, email access issues. ”

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